KMCT Voluteers for Education

KMCT has been associated with the Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools in Palghar-Vasai-Virar areas through various activities. This association highlighted one key issue of paucity of teachers in schools. Often the schools have only one teacher and these teachers are called for meetings during which the classrooms are left unattended. These factors have impact on the performance of the students. To help the schools in adjusting with these issues KMCT has provided their Volunteers for Education (Swayamsevak teachers) that support and assist the school teachers.

KMCT has appointed 30 Volunteers for Education and additionally 5 specially trained Volunteers for English for 55 ZP Schools. Through these volunteers KMCT reaches out to 84 ZP Schools in Palghar, Thane, Konkan and other areas.

KMCT conducts the following activities to assist the Schools:

Training of the teachers

  • KMCT provides regular trainings to the Volunteers on various topics including: Training on English Speaking and methods of teaching English. KMCT has partnered with NGOs like ILFS, LSF and others for these trainings. We have also provided the teachers with teaching aids including DVDs.
  • Training on the use of different teaching aids to enhance the classroom experience.
  • Training on Personality Development, Communication Skills, Stress and Time Management
    and others.

Educational Tours

KMCT has arranged educational tours for the teachers to historical places, zoo, planetarium, aquarium, museum and others to allow them to get practical knowledge that would enhance their teaching abilities.

Monthly Experience Sharing Sessions

On the first Saturday of each month we conduct meeting for the Volunteers to share their experience. This allows the volunteers to exchange creative ideas, understand the different issues in their respective schools, brainstorm on problem solving and so on.

KMCT team also conducts regular school visits to monitor the effectiveness of the Volunteer Program and to resolve issues, if any. We have been successful in resolving a number of problems in the schools through the volunteer program and have been able to help the students perform better in their studies.