About KMCT

Sustainable growth can be achieved only when we take care and develop the society and environment around us; to realize this purpose, Shri. Kishore Musale, Chairman, ASTARC Group, founded KMCT (Kishore Musale Charitable Trust) in 2003. Shri. Kishore is of the staunch belief that one must never forget the less privileged and downtrodden in pursuit of our goals. We must share our wealth to better their lives in a more meaningful and sustainable way.

Under his abled guidance, KMCT has, since its inception engaged in numerous noble philanthropic activities, reaching out to the rural population, particularly the Adivasi communities, supporting and nurturing them in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Environment, Livelihood and others.

Vision and Mission of KMCT

"KMCT is committed to the ASTARC GROUPS Corporate Social Responsibility towards Education, Livelihood, Health Care and Sanitation, Environment, Socio-cultural, Self Reliance for upliftment of the rural people-especially adivasi communities for their overall well-being and self-development."

This Vision and Mission serves as a blueprint for the various programs and projects undertaken at KMCT that allows us to reach out to the poorest of the poor, providing them with immediate, sustainable, meaningful and empowering assistance.

CSR Partners

KMCT is supported by the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of the ASTARC Group Companies.

Our Board Members

KMCT is led and guided by three visionaries who are committed to and passionate about giving back to society and believe in the values of
'Nar Seva Narayana Seva (Service to Mankind is Service to God)'.

Mr. Kishore Musale

Chairman, ASTARC Group

Mr. Salil Musale

Executive Director, ASTARC Group and ASTARC Ventures

Mr. Sameer Musale

Director, ASTARC Group

Our Team

Mrs. Urvashi Musale

Family Council

Ms. Bakhita N Sequeira

Senior CSR Executive
Project Manager for Health, Education and Livelihood Program

Ms. Anushri Ghatak

CSR Coordinator & Customer Relations

Ms. Beauty R. Shaikh

CSR Executive

Mr. Ankit Topale

Livelihood and Agriculturist Program Coordinator

Mr. Santosh Gaikawad

Entrepreneurship Development Program
Program Coordinator

Ms. Reena Dhodi

Entrepreneurship Development Program Trainer

Ms. Sheetal Tambada

Entrepreneurship Development Program Trainer