The Chigale family from Marathwada and
KMCT Organic Farming Initiative

The Company had some agri-land in Paranjapewadi in Virar which the Chairman wished to cultivate as a hub for organic farming. His plan was to utilize the organic produce in the company canteen and sell the produce to associates on subsidised rates.

With this vision in mind, Mr. Musale discussed with the KMCT team that he wanted to extend this plan of undertaking Organic Farming for the company canteen to also reach out to a farmer family of Marathwada. The Marathwada region of Maharashtra, has over the last few years experienced severe drought conditions driving the farmers into severe debt and has resulted in increase in suicide rates among farmers.

Our Chairman expressed that he wanted to bring one such family from Marathwada to stay and cultivate this agri-land, where the Company would pay them and take care of all their needs including shelter, food and so on.

The KMCT team, using their contacts in the Marathwada region, identified a farmer family and bringing them to the agri-land got them settled; initiating the cultivation on a pilot of 19 gunthas (which will be extended to 3.5 acres total area in the coming months).

Meet Dhyanoba Hirppa Chigale and Mudrika Dhyanoba Chigale

They come from the drought prone Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Despite having their own land in their village, the situation has become so pathetic that they have been unable to get any returns from their fields. This has left them in adverse financial condition.

Hearing about KMCT plan for organic farming, the Chigale family saw this as an opportunity to change their condition. Trusting the KMCT team, they relocated to Paranjapewadi, Virar and their situation has only progressed for the better.

The first harvest of organic produce was got on 31st May, 2016; a reinforcement of the benevolent vision of our Chairman.

KMCT has successfully impacted the lives of one farmer family that was severely affected by the drought conditions in Marathwada.

"Little drops of water, Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean, And the pleasant land."