ASTARC goes Organic – The Employee Canteen

Mr. Musale’s vision and the ground efforts of Chigale farmer family from Marathwada, the 19 Gunthas that were put under cultivation yielded first fruit on 31st May 2016. The first harvest was distributed among the key associates and well-wishers of the ASTARC Group. The first harvest consisted of Amaranth leaves (Lal Math & Hirva Math).

The following week the ASTARC canteen received the first stock from the farm land of 14 kgs of Amaranth leaves. The cooks made delicious finger licking pakodas from the organic vegetables provided. The KMCT team was present at the canteen during lunch hour explaining to the employees regarding the organic farming initiative taken by their Chairman and the story behind those delicious pakodas.

It is only inspiring for every employee of ASTARC company to hear of how much care and interest the company management shows in not just the employee well being and health, but also the development and progress of society.

This is the true spirit of the ASTARC Family!