Entrepreneurship Development Program -
Some of Our Shining Starts

Bharat Vanga

Bar Bending candidate for L&T’s on site training, Bharat excelled in all tasks including:

  • He completed the days job of erecting 4 column structures with a team of 4 in half a day.
  • 2 days task of putting 50 sleeves was completed by him in a day.
  • He completed the task of sorting of scrap for housekeeping with the support from 4 casuals, much earlier than the assigned deadline.

His efforts were significantly appreciated and acknowledged by the on site Project Manager.

Devdatta Kamtekar

Bar Bending candidate for L&T’s on site training

Devdatta has performed exceedingly well in the L&T on site training in tasks including Bar Cutting and Bar Bending. He was able to complete assignments with least wastage and well before the alloted deadline.

He completed a beam of 5m x 250mm size which was expected to take 3 hours in just 90 minutes. His work was appreciated by the L&T Project Manager.

Devdatta plans to take the AUTO CAD course.