KMCT has reached out to 1,00,000+ students till date through its education initiatives, in the core areas of Vasai, Virar and Palghar. The programs on education included a range of activities namely:

Donation of essentials required by schools – books, sports material, television sets, video players, cupboards, and many such other items on a regular basis.

Providing trained volunteers in schools that served as assistant to the teachers and played a significant role in bridging any gaps within the school system.

Organizing cultural activities and competitions.

Meetings with parents and School Management Committees to discuss the situation of the schools and requirements of the schools.

Sessions on Family Life Education with adolescent school girls.

Anganwadi Support Initiatives through which KMCT has reached out to 150+ anganwadis till date and provided them with sports material (indoor and outdoor games activity).

Through these activities KMCT got a clear understanding of the gaps within the schools and the key requirements. Based on this understanding and keeping with the Project-Based Approach KMCT has planned the following key programs in addition to the on-going activities, under Education:


In the academic year 2015, KMCT initiated the e-Learning program in Durves ZP School, Manor, Palghar reaching out to 134 children. This involved setting up of the computer laboratory in the school with 10 computers. KMCT provided 2 trained teachers who taught the children from 5th to 8th Standard basics of computer education including MS Office and the use of the internet. The key achievement of this pilot effort was visible through the difference in the baseline to endline transformation i.e. 6.96% average performance on baseline to 75% average performance on endline.

Following the success of the pilot e-Learning project, for 2016 this will be scaled up to include 4 more schools (a total of 5 schools) namely Dhundalwadi Ashram Shala, Dahanu, Aambede ZP School, Boisar, Sawra ZP School, Palghar and Shiravli ZP School, Virar. This year will see the introduction of 2 new subjects – Computer Hardware and Marathi Typing.

Cycle for Education

Through our work in the Vasai – Palghar area, the team identified an issue of school dropout. After completion of primary education, children were finding it difficult to continue their schooling, as the secondary schools are 6-7kms from their residence.To address this problem, KMCT has designed the CYCLE FOR EDUCATION Program wherein, we will donate a cycle for every two children in the schools. However, the novelty here would be that the ownership of the cycle would not lie with the families of the children but with the schools, the School Management Committee along with the parents. By doing so we ensure that, the cycles are used for the desired purpose and the children continue their schooling after primary education.

Scholarship Program

KMCT receives individual applications for financial assistance for education. Considering the number of applications received and the scope of outreach and impact we have decided to initiate a structured Scholarship Program wherein the applications would be received and processed by the Trust in an organized manner with support given (partial financial support) to the student applicant till completion of graduation.

Soft Skill Development

The schools that KMCT has worked in have children coming mainly from tribal communities. These children are generally shy, introverted and lack confidence in speaking up and expressing themselves.
Our team realized that this aspect also requires immediate attention in addition to academics. Thus, we have initiated the Soft Skill Development Program in the identified schools in the Vasai-Virar areas. The program will be executed, in partnership with an organization working out of Thane, who will train the KMCT Swayamsevak teachers to take the sessions in school. The core objective of this program is to break the cycle of silence and give these children confidence to assert themselves.

Ashram Schools Program

KMCT has identified 5 Ashram Schools namely,

  • Ganjad Ashram School, Ganjad - Dahanu
  • Dhundalwadi Ashram School, Dhundalwadi - Dahanu
  • Arvind Ashram School, Dadde - Vikramgad
  • Kaman Ashram School , Kaman – Vasai
  • Paradi Ashram Schools, Paradi – Wada

Following preliminary assessment of these schools, it was found that the infrastructure was in a pathetic state with basic facilities of toilet and bathrooms being in unusable condition. KMCT plans to improve the infrastructure conditions by renovation of toilets, bathrooms, proper roofing and other requirements. It was also found that there are power cuts from 6pm to 9pm, which is the study time for students. The plan is to install solar light for the schools. Through this program, KMCT plans to reach out to over 3000 children (boys & girls).