KMCT has undertaken numerous activities under their healthcare program since its inception. These include Blood Donation Drives, medicine distribution in the community (ex. Iron tablets to address the issue of Anemia among women), ambulance donation, financial assistance to individuals for treatment of diseases and so on.

Following a structured approach, KMCT plans to create a model for Preventive Healthcare. Through the work in the villages and interaction with the communities, the issues that are highlighted are:

  • People do not access healthcare facilities until the very last stage of discomfort.
  • Women’s healthcare and adolescent girls healthcare is neglected.
  • Malnutrition is a key problem.
  • The most vulnerable groups are women, children, adolescents and the elderly.

Keeping these factors in mind, KMCT has designed a strategic Preventive Healthcare Model, that would reach out to these groups and encourage them to access health care. This will be piloted in the following identified 20 villages:

  • Ambade
  • Nihe
  • Loware
  • Katale
  • Kude
  • Navaze
  • Saware
  • Jayshet
  • Bahiefonda
  • Usgaon-Vasai
  • Shiravli-Vasai
  • Girale
  • Pargaon
  • Sonave
  • Khaire
  • Tilher-Vasai
  • Gorad-Wada
  • Kelthan-Wada
  • Dadade
  • Bhopol