KMCT has engaged with the village community women by conducted trainings for Self Help Group (SHG) women on
various subjects of skill development and has also provided individual assistance for set up of livelihood means.

KMCT plans on developing a structured livelihood project in 20 identified villages, given as follows:

  • Ambade
  • Nihe
  • Loware
  • Katale
  • Kude
  • Tilher-Vasai
  • Gorad-Wada
  • Kelthan-Wada
  • Dadade
  • Bhopol
  • Navaze
  • Girale
  • Pargaon
  • Sonave
  • Khaire
  • Saware
  • Jayshet
  • Bahiefonda
  • Usgaon-Vasai
  • Shiravli-Vasai

The primary step is to conduct a Participatory Rural Appraisal, through which we will get a better understanding of the villages
and their key issues and scope of work. The plan is to conduct trainings and empower the community at an individual level
in skill-sets that enhance their earning capacity.

Geographical Expansion

KMCT plans on scaling up its activities outside Maharashtra. The first stage would involve expansion of work in Haridwar District,
Uttarakhand (at least 10 villages) and Dharwad District, Karnataka (at least 5 villages).

The core programs that are planned would be on: