A serious drawback of India’s health system is the neglect of the rural masses. According to health information, only 31.5% of hospitals and 16% of hospital beds are situated in rural areas where 75% of the total population of India resides. In fact, in 1999-2000, there were only 5.5 doctors per 10,000 in rural areas. Due to this, there is a severe healthcare crisis in rural India with the population having inadequate access to even basic healthcare infrastructure which leads them to have major health issues that could have been easily prevented by arranging timely treatment.


To provide Equal opportunities to quality health care for the underprivileged irrespective of community gender, caste, class, age & geographical location to improve their overall physical and mental well-being.


8,000 +

Adolescent girls have received Family Life Education since 2015


Women and Children benefited from Eradication of Malnutrition Program


Rural and Tribal population benefited from health Camps annually

600 +

Pints of blood donated to KEM Hospital via annual blood donation camp

50 +

Rural Anganwadi supported by KMCT throughout palghar district

7 +

Major hospital tie ups for treatment of Rural underprivileged population

Family Life Education Program (FLEP):

More than 8000 adolescent girls have received Family Life Education since 2015 which includes distribution of Sanitary Napkins, awareness on menstrual cycle self care & family planning helping to reduce absenteeism to very notable extent in this age group.

Eradication of Malnutrition Program:

Over 1000 check-ups of Pregnant / Lactating women done in collaboration with professional medical teams along with imparting awareness of nutritional health and family planning.

Providing nutritious food in the form of multivitamin energy laddus to more than 12000 children of 50 anganwadi to combat nutrition related disease & deficiency commonly occurring in tribal & rural children.

Program Drushti:

Hundreds of individuals and children benefit per year through Eye Check Camps called “Drushti” conducted in schools and communities annually and get treated for debilitating eye problems such as cataract, glaucoma, partial blindness along of free distribution of numbered spectacles for underprivileged children.

Over 4000 students benefit per year from Health Check Up camps in schools and communities which help to detect issues like anaemia, skin disease, learning disorders, genetic disorders, neurological dysfunction, cognitive disorders which are then treated and addressed in various hospitals example Wadia Hospital, KEM Hospital, Eye Care Hospital, Nair Hospital, National Rural Health Mission Hospital, Aga Khan Health service INDIA etc.

Blood Donation Camp:

Collected over 600 units of blood till date through employee volunteering drive via blood donation camps in association with KEM hospital, Mumbai. 

More than 1000 children covered under oral Health program by distributing toothpaste, toothbrush and spreading awareness on dental care since 2021 with help of expert Dentists.

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